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Customer Service

  1. Account Balance Refund Form
  2. Credit Card Refund Request
  3. Final Bill Order

    Permitted Hydrant users within the District shall use District equipment. A deposit of $1,425.00 for a 3" hydrant meter, backflow... More…

  1. Contact Us
  2. Education Request Form

    Do you know where your water comes from? Do you know how it's treated? Would you like to know where it goes? Or wonder what happens... More…

  3. New Customer Service Form

    Please use this form if you are a new customer to SACWSD, new renter changing the account into your name, or need to shut off service.... More…

Doing Business


    Complete this form to request Meter Pit Inspections and Service Line inspections.

  1. Water and Sewer Facility Access Permit

    Access to the District’s facilities will be allowed when in the public interest and approved by the District. A request for access... More…

Hardness Advisory Committee

  1. Questions for Hardness Advisory Committee

    Please feel out this form if you have any questions for the committee.