Does the District offer rebates for purchasing water efficient appliances?
South Adams County Water and Sanitation District (District) does not have a rebate program for purchasing high efficiency water appliances at this time. The District encourages the use of high efficiency products and water conservation practices to reduce the amount of water use, resulting in direct savings to our customers by lower consumption costs.

The District is committed to providing safe and efficient services at the lowest possible cost to its customers, which is reflected in water rates that are among the lowest in the Region.

There have been examples of rebate programs that have been offered by other municipalities that do not generate the necessary cost savings to recover the cost of the program. In these instances, the rate payers have to supplement a portion of the costs of the rebate program. The District is very concerned about implementing a program that doesn’t benefit all of our customers, but only those that are able to participate in the offered program.

Thank you for choosing to conserve and protect Colorado’s water for future generations.

Additional information is available on this site at the following link:More...

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