What are my bill paying options?

The District offers several convenient methods to pay your water and wastewater bill. • Payments may be made online at www.sacwsd.org. The "Bill Pay" link appears in the left column on our Home Page. Credit and debit card payments are accepted for online payment. • Phone payments are also accepted during normal business hours using a credit or debit card. Please call the District's main phone number at 303.288.2646 and ask to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Have your utility account number and your credit/debit card number available so that your request can be processed as quickly as possible. • Utility payments may be mailed using the enclosed envelope. Please be sure to use the appropriate postage. • For your convenience, there is a payment drop box located to the left of the main entrance at the District's Administrative office located at 6595 E. 70th Ave. Payments can be dropped off at the drop box any day of the week. Payments may be made with a customer service representative during normal business hours Monday - Thursday between 8:00am to 5:00pm; Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

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2. What are my bill paying options?
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