Irrigation Systems and Outdoor Water Use

Irrigation Systems

As everyone is aware, water in Colorado is a very valuable natural resource. Water providers throughout the State need to fully utilize every water resource available to them. This is why the South Adams County Water and Sanitation District constructed a dual water supply (separate irrigation system) in all new developments in the northern part of the District.

These developments have two water systems: a potable system for indoor use, and a separate non-potable system for outdoor irrigation systems. Treating water to drinking water standards is very expensive. Utilizing groundwater supplies for the non-potable system works great for landscape irrigation. Although irrigation water supplies are chlorinated with enough chlorination to keep bacteria growth down, please remember that it is not treated to the same drinking water standards as your indoor potable water system.

Regardless of where your home or business is located, irrigation season is from April 15 through October 15. A Mandatory Irrigation Schedule must be adhered to in order to provide adequate water supplies for everyone throughout the summer months.

Irrigation Controllers

Did you know that about half your water consumed in a year is water used outdoors? We know that scheduling your residential Irrigation Controller can be confusing. Please check the links below that will help you with setting up your controller.
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