Special Requirement Information

Service Requirements

Please note that requirements for obtaining service for any property may vary depending on what area of the District the property is in.

Requirements for Obtaining Service - Following Successful Completion of Service Application Form

Identifying Properties and Boundaries

Properties are identified as either General Service Area (GSA) properties or General Improvement District (GID) properties.

The GSA boundaries are:
  • North - East 112th Ave.
  • South - Sand Creek
  • East - Hwy #2 South to Quebec St.
  • West - South Platte River

GID properties would be considered any property outside the boundaries of the GSA.

Please contact the District at 303.288.2646 for information on the GID or GSA and specific requirements pertaining to each.

Additional Information

Information regarding property classification within the District may be obtained by contacting the Development Department at 720.206.0595.