Development Plan Review

Whether you are looking to remodel your home, build a new building, or develop infrastructure within the District, you must submit your project to the District for review and approval. 

Below you will find a flow chart and steps to assist you with the District's submittal process.

Development Plan Review flow chart

Prepare your documents for submittal

1. Review the District's Development Checklist for a summary of the plan review submittal requirements.

2. Reference the District's Rules and Regulations, as well as the Design and Construction Standards for all matters related to the creation of your development plans. 

For information regarding existing utilities, please contact 1-800-922-1987 to request a "Subsurface Utility Engineering Map". 

3. Review GIS Requirements for information on how to submit plans to the District GIS department. 

4. Complete the Development Review Service Application.

Please note: The person listed as the "Owner's Representative" will be the primary contact for all communication regarding your review. If no representative is listed, then the property owner will be the primary contact. 

Submit your documents for review

1. Submit your plan set and Service Application as two separate files.

2. The plan set should not be larger than 15 MB. 

3. Send all documents to

Plan Review

1. Once your documents have been received an Administrative Review will be performed to ensure your Service Application is completed correctly and your plans have met the requirements of the Development Checklist

2. When your Administrative Review is approved, your submittal will move on to our Development Review Supervisor for the Plan Review. 

3. Once all comments and concerns have been satisfied, the Development Review Supervisor will forward your project to the Backflow and Pretreatment teams for their approval.

Building Permit Authorization

The Development Review Supervisor will give the final approval of the utility construction plans once all other District review departments have also given their approval. That approval will be sent to the City of Commerce City or Adams County to authorize a building permit. Your building permit will be issued by the City or County once they have received the District's approval. 

Project Review Status

Click HERE for the latest update on the status of your project review.

If you have any questions regarding the Development Plan Review, please email or call Development at 720-206-0595.