Doing Business


Are you looking to develop within the District? Whether the development is industrial, commercial, residential, or just remodeling your existing property. Visit the Development page for more information on developing in the District, our submittal policies, and fees. 

Backflow Prevention Program

The backflow prevention department monitors all the backflow devices for businesses and commercial properties in the District. For more information or to obtain a list of certified backflow testers please visit the Backflow Prevention Program page

Industrial Pretreatment

The purpose of the industrial pretreatment program is to prevent the introduction of pollutants that cause damage to equipment and interfere with the wastewater treatment process. The program is essential in preventing harm to the environment, equipment, and staff. For more information on the District's Industrial Pretreatment Program, visit the
Industrial Pretreatment Page.

Rules and Regulations

Click here to view and/or print the Rules and Regulations.

Design and Construction Standards

Click here to view and/or print the Design and Construction Standards.