Doing Business

About Doing Business 

Are you looking to develop within the District? Whether it is developing Industrial, Commercial, Residential, or just to remodel your existing property. Please see below for more information on developing in the District, our submittal policies, and fees.


The South Adams County Water and Sanitation District has 65 square miles of service area. The Development Department is responsible for reviewing, coordinating, and overseeing the construction of water and wastewater utilities throughout the District, as well as maintaining the District’s mapping systems and performing utility locates on facilities owned and operated by the District. The District is divided into two main areas. These areas are identified as either the General Service Area (GSA) or the General Improvement District (GID). Click here to see a map of the District

The General Service Area is mainly the original core section of the District. The GSA Boundaries are E. 112th Ave. to the North, Sand Creek to the South, Hwy 2 South to Quebec Street to the East, and the South Platte River to the West. Click here to see more GSA information.

The General Improvement District Area would be mainly the Northern properties outside the GSA. Please see the map and development flow charts for these areas. Click here to see more GID information.

Information regarding property classification within the District may be obtained by contacting the Development Review Group: 720-206-0590.

Design Standards and Specifications

Obtain a printable version of the District’s Design Standards and Specifications, Construction Notes, Approved Materials List, Development Checklist, and GIS Requirements. Click below on hyperlinks to print out needed information.

Standards and Specifications
Development Checklist
GIS Requirements

Rules and Regulations

Obtain a printable version of the District’s Rules and Regulations. Click here to print the Rules and Regulations.


Are you purchasing or leasing an existing building that you are not going to remodel?

You will need to submit a New Customer Service Form to the Customer Service Department located at the Main Office at 6595 E. 70th Ave. Commerce City, Co. 80022 (303-288-2646) 

Are you building a new building for industrial, commercial, mixed use development, or purchasing or leasing an existing building that you will remodel and require a building permit?
You will need to submit two full size sets of plans including (site utilities, Architectural floor plans and plumbing plans, industrial pretreatment details, and landscape/irrigation plans) along with a completed Service Application with original signatures. Incomplete applications and drawings will be returned to the applicant and the request for service will be denied until the application is re-submitted and approved by the District. 

According to the District’s Rules and Regulations in order to provide public water and wastewater services to customers, properties that are not already Included in the District must Petition for Inclusion into the District’s Service Boundaries, and convey all groundwater rights for that property (including wells) to the District. 

New Customer Service Form

Application for Development Review