Hydrant Water Usage Policies and Procedures

Permitted Hydrant Policies and Procedures

1. Permitted Hydrant users within the District shall use District equipment. A deposit of $2,240.00 for a 3" hydrant meter, backflow device, and equipment will be required. The District may approve the use of a 1" meter for small projects on a case by case basis. If the District approves a permit for a 1" meter, the deposit associated with that permit will be $435.00. Detailed use of hydrant water shall be identified on the Hydrant Water Application. Note: Customers requesting hydrant meters for more than one year at a permanent physical location must purchase a permanent water tap, except for: a) construction projects uses within the District or b) construction related companies located within the District. Any deviation to this must be reviewed by the District on a case by case basis.

2. Hydrant permits are generally good up to one year, based on the duration of the project. The permit fee is $25.00 per month and is due at the time that the permit is issued. Hydrant Permit fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and separate from the deposit. All equipment must be brought into the District's office after use or when a permit expires for calibration. Deposits will be refunded when all equipment is received by the District and tested for proper operations. Repairs will be made if necessary and charged accordingly. The permit holder is responsible for ALL water consumption through the hydrant meter.

3. Hydrant Permits will designate which hydrant the permit holder, as indicated on the hydrant map may use. Hydrants will be color coded to generally indicate the types of uses which may be permitted for that hydrant, but all events the terms and conditions of the specific permit will control.

4. By applying for and accepting a Hydrant Permit, the permit holder acknowledges and agrees that from time to time the designated hydrants may fail and require maintenance. In the event of any failure or malfunction of the designated hydrant, the permit holder shall:

a. Promptly notify the District of the failure by calling 303-288-2646.

b. Provide the District with 72 hours (or longer if the repair cannot be completed within 72 hours) to make repairs to the hydrant. The District will work with the permit holder to direct the permit holder to the next closest designated hydrant location for use during the repair period.

5. The District equipment shall be attached to the hydrant in this order: Hydrant meter, backflow device, and the stand that holds and stabilizes the equipment. A hydrant meter wrench will be included to attach meter and operate hydrant. Damage to the District's equipment will result in forfeiture of some or all of the deposit, and the permit holder shall be required to pay any costs or damages which exceed the deposit. Damages to the District's equipment will result in additional costs for parts and labor.

6. Hydrant users must have a copy of the hydrant permit with District equipment at all times with the attached hydrant(s) map. If you are using a hydrant that is NOT on the attached map with your permit you will be subject to a $300.00 fine. 

7. Monthly usage should not exceed 150,000 gallons in any given month. Usage in excess of 150,000 gallons requires approval from the District's Board of Directors and is subject to further verification of the intended use.

8. Any permit holder that reports three consecutive months of no usage will be asked to return the hydrant meter for lack of use or testing to ensure the meter is still working properly.

9. Bills are due upon receipt.

10. There will be a $1,000.00 fine, per violation, enforced for drawing water without a current permit. South Adams County Water and Sanitation District has the right to estimate water usage for drawing water illegally.

11. Customers are required to open and maintain an active account within the District, equipment that is not returned after the hydrant permit expires will be charged the full deposit and billed for any water consumed. A $1,000.00 fine may also be imposed.

12. There will be a $1,000.00 fine per violation, enforced for drawing water without District equipment. The second offense will be an additional $1,000.00 fine, the permit will be revoked.

13. Do not transport the District's equipment in an open bed truck. Air may travel through the hydrant meter and change the hydrant meter reading, the permit holder is responsible for any reading changes. 

14. Mobile hydrant customers need to provide a signed contract on approved letterhead from all companies inside district boundaries that they are working for to receive a hydrant meter permit. 

15. Hydrant water should only be drawn as approved on the permit. The District must approve ALL changes to the hydrant permit.

16. The District may inspect the installation and use of the District's equipment at any time to determine compliance with these policies and procedures. The District has the right to revoke the permit and confiscate the District's equipment at any time.

17. Permit holders are responsible for any reading changes. Any reading changes will be considered usage of the hydrant meter. 

18. Any changes to the hydrant meter or backflow on return to the District will be considered tampering of the hydrant meter or backflow and possibly result in a fine determined by the hydrant meter/backflow inspector. The hydrant meter and backflow must be returned in the same condition when it is originally assigned to the permit holder.