Phase 4A

Information on Phase 4A Water Resources Opportunity

General Information

At the April 13, 2016 Board Meeting, the District’s Board of Directors approved a resolution authorizing the implementation of a new water resource opportunity known as Phase 4A. This phase of water resources development offers the development community the opportunity to purchase up to 3,600 ERU water development opportunities. The 3,600 ERU’s are currently divided into two groups (small and large users). There are 1,000 of the ERU’s allocated to the small users group (needing 11 ERU’s or less for the full development) and 2,600 ERU’s allocated to large users (above 11 ERU’s).
Small Users
The small user ERU’s will be sold on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in participating in the purchase of some of these ERU’s please fill out the small users application and clearly demonstrate that you can meet all of the qualification requirements outlined in the application. If you can’t meet the qualifications, we can’t allow you to participate in the Phase 4a program until you can meet the qualifications.
Large Users
For the 2,600 Large user ERU’s, we want to see what the initial interest is for those ERU’s, so we ask all interested parties in these ERU’s to fill out the large user application and again clearly demonstrate that you meet the qualifications outlined in the application. We ask that all interested parties in the large user pool, send us your application by July 1, 2016 identifying the amount of ERU’s that you are interested in purchasing by September 21, 2016. If the initial interest were to exceed 2,600 ERU’s we will make the 2,600 ERU’s available to the interested parties on a pro-rata share based on the level of interest identified on each of the qualifying applications. If the initial interest doesn’t exceed 2,600 ERU’s we will let the initial qualified parties purchase their ERU’s by September 1, 2016 (we will allow two months to purchase the ERU’s so that the parties and the District have time to complete the necessary water resources agreements). Any remaining ERU’s in the large user pool will then be sold on a first come first served basis for all parties that can meet the requirements for participation.

For a schedule of Phase 4A connection fees or additional information please contact Debbie Evans at 720.206.0512