Requirements for Installing a Double Check Device

  • Always check with your local plumbing departments and water suppliers before beginning installation
  • When installing the device, a minimum of one foot of access and clearance between the lowest portion of the device and grade, floor, or platform must be provided
  • Assemblies higher than five feet above the floor must have a permanent platform adequate to test the device
  • Assemblies must have adequate clearances around the assembly so that testing and repairs can be made
  • Assemblies cannot be installed in health hazard systems
  • Assemblies cannot be installed in areas where the assembly may become submerged
  • Assemblies cannot be installed above electrical outlets, circuit breakers, electrical space heaters, or any other electrical use where discharge from the assembly while testing may cause a hazard
  • Assemblies cannot be installed in manholes or vaults. Some confined space installations are allowed
  • Assemblies cannot be installed in any area where water spillage during normal testing and repairs could cause a problem