Water Quality 


The South Adams County Water and Sanitation District is committed to delivering water that meets all state and federal drinking water standards. Providing you with high-quality drinking water is our priority every day. We believe you should know where your water comes from, how it is treated and tested, and what substances it might contain after treatment. For questions or comments about water quality please call the District's Water Quality Information Line at 303.287.6454 or email wqinfo@sacwsd.org

Water Quality Reports

 We are pleased to report that during the past year, the water delivered to your home or business complied with all state and federal drinking water requirements. The District publishes an annual water quality report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report. This report is published on the District's website by July 1st of each year. Customers may also request a copy of the report by contacting the District's Water Quality Information Line at 303.287.6454 or by emailing your request to wqinfo@sacwsd.org. The following are links to the most recent annual Reports. These are large files and may take a minute to load. 
We encourage you to read this Report in its entirety and refer to it throughout the year. It is filled with valuable information everyone can use, including important health notices, explanations about water quality processes, and ways to find more information.

The District purchases water from Denver Water which is blended with the District's ground water supply. Denver's water supply comes entirely from surface sources. For additional information regarding Denver Water's water quality report, this is a link to their Water Quality Report .