Significant Industrial Users

What Businesses are Considered to be Significant Industrial Users?

The following types of businesses are considered to be SIUs:
  • Businesses engaged in operations identified as categorical processes by the EPA. These categorical processes include:
    • Electroplating
    • Metal finishing
    • Nonferrous metals forming
    • Battery manufacturing
  • Businesses that discharge 25,000 gallons per day or more of process wastewater.
    • The only exception is if the District has found that the business has no potential to violate local pretreatment standards including Local Limits.
  • Businesses, regardless of size, whose discharge has the potential to adversely affect the operations of the District or its connectors. This includes such facilities as:
    • Large food processors
    • Large rendering plants
    • Large film processing facilities
    • Groundwater remediation projects including leaking underground tank cleanups

Note: Individual film developers are not regulated as SIUs at this time.