Industries Regulated

What Type of Industries are Regulated Under the Industrial Pretreatment Program?

All businesses, including industrial, commercial, governmental establishments that discharge anything other than sanitary wastewater are technically subject to the requirements of the Pretreatment Regulations.

For most businesses, this simply means they cannot discharge anything that will adversely affect the wastewater system, its workers, the treatment plant effluent, or biosolids.

Businesses That Discharge Significant Amounts of Pollutants

For businesses that discharge significant amounts of pollutants, or other pollutants in amounts that may be detrimental to the District's operations, there may be additional requirements.

These businesses, classified by the District as Significant Industrial Users (SIUs), are required to obtain an Industrial Discharge Permit in order to discharge to the sewer system.

Each permit contains specific limits on the industrial pollutants that are present in an industry's discharge. Permits also contain monitoring and reporting requirements with which the industry must comply if it is to continue discharging to the sewer system.