Outdoor Water Conservation

Water-Saving Ideas

Most water is wasted on lawns and gardens by watering when plants don't need the water or by not properly maintaining the lawn irrigation system. Here are some tips to help conserve water and keep your water bill at a reasonable level:
  • Landscaping
    • Use native plants that require minimal water and fewer yard chemicals
    • Use borders of drought resistant plants to keep water and fertilizer away from sidewalks and driveways
  • Yard maintenance
    • Aerate your yard at least once a year to allow water and fertilizer to reach your lawn's roots instead of the storm drain
    • Sweep lawn clippings and leaves back onto the grass rather than hosing them into the gutter; this saves water and prevents polluted runoff
    • Compost lawn clippings or leave them on the grass as natural fertilizer
  • Watering lawns
    • Break the amount of watering time for each sprinkler zone into three shorter cycles. This will decrease run off and allow the water to soak deeper into the soil. When you cycle and soak, you can also decrease your watering frequency.
    • Adjust irrigation heads to make sure they are working properly and covering the intended areas