Industrial Pretreatment

What is the Industrial Pretreatment Program?

The Pretreatment Program is an EPA mandated program that requires South Adams County Water and Sanitation District to regulate the discharges from industrial and commercial sources into the Districts sewer system.

The purpose of the program is to reduce the amount of pollutants being discharged in order to:
  • Protect the District's system from pollutants that could interfere with the treatment processes
  • Protect the South Platte River from industrial pollutants that could pass the plant untreated
  • Ensure that the District's biosolids remain of high quality can be used as a soil conditioner and fertilizer
  • Protect District workers from potentially harmful chemicals

The term "pretreatment" refers to the requirement that industries pre-treat their wastewater before discharging it to the sanitary sewer system.

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