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Posted on: January 15, 2018

SACWSD has been awarded the 2017 APWA Colorado Chapter Award

The American Public Works Association Colorado Chapter has awarded SACWSD their Administrative award for a medium community for the Meter Retrofit and Collector Site Installation Project. The project transformed how the district collects meter readings by making the process of data collection more efficient. The district has over 25,000 meters in its domestic and irrigation water system, 6,000 of these meters were using an electronic touch read system. This system required the meter reading team to receive the reading by the touch read process which required the meter readers to go to each meter to acquire a reading. The Meter Retrofit and Collector Site Project converted the touch read meters to radio read meters and installed 10 fixed-mount data collector sites which created an automated data collection system. The new radio read meters allow the meter readers to drive through the district to collect the readings through radio signals which has made the data collection process more efficient and has allowed the district to make more time for other priorities including customer service calls. The project began in June of 2015 and was completed in May of 2017.

APWA Award president

                                                      President Aaron Phillips accepting the APWA award.

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