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Do you know where your water comes from? Do you know how it's treated? Would you like to know where it goes? Or wonder what happens to the water that goes down the drain or toilet? Then a tour of South Adams County Water and Sanitation District's Water is right for you! Request your tour here

Water-Wise Landscape Seminars: The Basics of Xeriscape
Tuesday, April 17th 6pm-8pm
Location: Commerce City Rec Center (Crafts Rooms),
6060 E Parkway Dr. Commerce City, CO 80022

Join us and learn the principles of xeriscape and how to apply them to your landscape! This class will explore the "how to's" of conserving water while creating a functional and attractive outdoor space. Horticulturist expert, Eric Hammond of CSU Extension-Adams County, will discuss water-wise plant varieties, irrigating your landscape efficiently, cutting edge irrigation technology, and ways to modify existing landscapes to cut back on water use. Whether you have a small backyard project, or are doing drastic renovations, this class will focus on practical DIY solutions to everyday challenges in the landscape. Join us for an evening of empowering tips and tricks to improve your outdoor space and save water! The event is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC!!!

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Questions: (303) 999-3820 ext 222